KARO-SportSystems MoTrack TA 10.5


The mobile camera tower


Developed based on the technical requirements of the German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball-Bund DFB)


Some of our customers:


  • The German National Football Teams
    (men and women)
  • Eintracht Frankfurt
  • Hamburger Sportverein HSV
  • VFL Wolfsburg
  • 1. FC Köln
  • RB Leipzig
  • Zenit St. Petersburg
  • ÖFB
  • FC St. Gallen
  • FC Schalke 04
  • Football associations
  • Sportschools


Developed for professional and amateur sports: football (soccer), american football, field hockey, golf, tennis, rugby, athletics...


  • precise camcorder control
  • small transport height
  • low weight
  • mobility
  • fast and uncomplicated set-up and dismounting
  • easy handling
  • weatherproof
  • low priced
  • detailed match- and trainings recording close from the playing field
  • perfect following of game movement through precise camcorder control
  • up to 10m height for perfect point of view
  • only 1.35m transport height



Additional advantages for amateur sports:


With the MoTrack TA 10.5 you can make professional recordings of the matches and training units of your team without any efforts - from a point of yiew you usually only know from TV broadcasting out of a stadium. Handling of the system is so uncomplicated that every member of your club can do the recording. Use is not only to


  • demonstrate tactics and stategies to yur team
  • individual error analysis for each player


but also to


  • record whole matches and copy it to cheap USB sticks for distribution to parents of youth players, club members, guest teams, etc




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